Welcome to Lyceum Orchestras! With six audition-only ensembles, we are able to place most students in an orchestra that meets the student at the threshold of their abilities. We encourage all students to participate in their school ensembles and ask that all participants practice at home and work with a private teacher. Lyceum ensembles are divided by ability, not age, although we do require that students be in 8th-12th grade to audition for Concert Orchestra and 9th-12th grade to audition for Philharmonic.

Openings are limited, but we would love to hear you!  Each audition is only a few minutes long and includes a scale and solo of your choice. Some sight reading may be required. For more information on which ensemble is right for you including difficulty level, rehearsal times, cost, and director information see About Us.

To schedule an audition please contact Denise Gorrell at Lyceum@ahsmail.com.