AHS Essentials

(Part Time, On Campus)

AHS Essentials is a part-time, reduced-price complement to the faith-oriented, character-molding education American Heritage has been improving for 50 years. The school will provide both its traditional experience and AHS Essentials at its 40-acre American Fork, UT campus. AHS Essentials is well-suited to students who

  • have other time-consuming interests;
  • who may struggle with a full-day schedule;
  • who want to combine AHS on-campus with courses not offered at AHS; or
  • who prefer a shorter school day that focuses on academic fundamentals (math and languages arts) and abbreviated courses that provide the blend of faith, character, and patriotism that is unique to American Heritage School.

In addition to normal homework in math and language arts, AHS Essentials students in grades 1-6 watch an interactive 15–25 minute video at home each day to supplement their history, literature, science, and geography on-campus classes. For grades 9–12, AHS Essentials covers only a portion of full-time, on-campus curriculum. To satisfy AHS graduation requirements, AHS Essentials needs to be supplemented with additional credits from other sources (American Heritage Worldwide, BYU Independent Study, part-time enrollment in public school, etc.).

AHS Essentials Schedules

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Comparison chart for annual school activities and events.

Events & Activities Comparison

Comparison of Weekly Curricular “Seat” Time for Part Time and Full Time students by grade.

Seat Time Comparison

StudentGo is a collaborative project delivering K- 6 solutions for families and students desiring the flexibility and benefits of AHS independent, flipped courses.


This document will be updated daily until June 1.

FAQ Document

Refund Policy Exception

We know times are uncertain and it is hard to know when and if to make certain commitments. For that reason, we’ve provided a one-time exception to the school’s refund and earnest-money policies for the 2020-21 year. We’ve provided this video as well as this one-page document to summarize and explain how the exception is designed to reduce some of the uncertainty.


  • Already enrolled for next year but wanting to switch to AHS Essentials (part time, on campus)? Contact the AHS Admissions Office by clicking the button. Contact Admissions
  • Not currently enrolled at AHS but wanting to apply to the school? Click to apply. New Student Application
  • Already enrolled for next year and wanting to remain full time? No action required.