Grades K-6

Sariah Reed
Kindergarten AM and PM
Trish Peel
First and Second Grade AM/ 2nd Grade PM
Rachelle Packer
Third and Fourth Grade AM/Intervention Department Chair
Kerry Nielsen
Fifth and Sixth Grade AM/Intervention PM (Department Chair 4-6)
Kristi Wulfenstein
First and Second Grade Aide
Kathy Birks
Third and Fourth Grade Aide
Johanne Perry
Fifth and Sixth Grade Aide
Lindsay Smith
Fifth and Sixth Grade Aide

Grades 7-12 Core

Jenny Burr
7th Grade Teacher
Ty Crossley
7th Grade Teacher
Laurea Stirling
7th Grade Teacher
Stephanie Corless
7th Grade Aide
Karen Lee
7th Grade Aide
Marilyn Oliphant
7th Grade Aide

Grades 7-12 Specialty

Camille Heiner
Algebra, Pre-Calc / Math Dept. Chair
Shawnell Larsen
Algebra, Pre-Calc
Jeff Meade
Algebra, Pre-Calc, AP Calc
Ty Smith
Math 7/8, Algebra
Sam Wood
7/8 Math, Intro Stats, AP Stats
Bree Davis
Math Aide