Cornell, Jared
Jared Cornell's love of History and its capacity to build character in young students has motivated much of his life's work. Prior to his career in education, Mr. Cornell worked in the steel fabrication industry as a manager and quality control inspector. Mr. Cornell has organized numerous different living history organizations in Utah, including Civil War groups, a Mormon Battalion company, a Pioneer Heritage group, and even a muzzle-loading rifle club. He and his wife Brenda were the originators and organizers of the Sesquicentennial Wagon Train that crossed the Mormon Trail in 1997 and he managed a horse and wagon concession at This is The Place State Park, giving tours and lectures on the history of the Pioneers. Mr. Cornell's passion for history has also led to his involvement in various archeological digs such as the Camp Floyd and Tin War sites in Cedar Valley and Strawberry River, Utah. A life long resident of Utah, Mr. Cornell is the father of five children, and has 2 grandchildren.