Anderson, Kay
Kay Anderson has taught Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades for nearly twenty years. She comes to American Heritage School from Odyssey Charter School where she taught Kindergarten and First Grade for five years. While there, Kay’s skills and experience in Spalding Language and Saxon Math methodologies, as well as her classroom management skills, became a model for many teachers, including from American Heritage School. She is thrilled to be teaching at American Heritage School and feels privileged to work with such great teachers and administration. “Since I was a little girl playing ‘school’ in my garage with all my dolls and teddy bears, I’ve wanted to be a teacher,” she says. Kay has had the privilege of living in Paraguay for three years teaching and working with missionaries. While there, she saw first-hand the devastating effects of a lack of education. “It not only affects individuals, it affects the entire nation. Children were begging in the streets to fill their tummies instead of sitting in a classroom filling their minds.” Kay grew up in a family of girls but learned from her father to camp, hunt, fish, snow ski, and water ski. Her father was a principal of an elementary school and her mother was a speed-reading teacher in junior high. The family spent summers traveling throughout the United States. Consequently, every vacation became an education in-and-of itself. After graduating from BYU in Elementary Education with a minor in music, Kay married Vaughn Anderson, who is the love of her life. They have five children, four sons and a daughter, and a growing number of grandchildren. She thoroughly enjoys teaching children and helping the process of learning as they make exciting discoveries and lifelong connections. She also enjoys music, ballroom dancing, cooking, scrap-booking, writing histories, photography, theater performances, BYU football, quilting, serving others, Christmas, and especially her family.