Melecio, Melodi
Melodi Melecio was drawn by the principles taught at American Heritage. She feels it is a tremendous privilege to be a part of an institution that is educating children’s hearts and minds with the Spirit as an essential teacher in each classroom. Melodi was raised in Utah in a bilingual, Peruvian-American home. Finishing high school at age 17, she eagerly sought a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at BYU. At age 21, she completed her first year as a second grade teacher at North Star Elementary in Salt Lake City, got married, had twins, and graduated from BYU! Things didn’t slow down as she went on to certify as an Emotional Release Facilitator and Montessori teacher, where she worked for almost three years. Melodi has also enjoyed speaking at BYU Women’s Conference and has performed several times in the SLC Conference Center and Tabernacle alongside her husband Alex. Melodi loves to run every morning, read, learn, travel, sing, and just be with her four precious children and husband.