Hansen, Keisha
Keisha has had a great love for learning and teaching for as long as she can remember. She studied International Relations and Family Sciences at BYU and earned her degree in 1992. In her search to find a higher standard of learning for herself and her children she was guided towards the Christian-based education methodologies and continued to utilize and build upon these as she homeschooled her four children for nearly 12 years. Keisha played a central role with the Midwest Parents Education Association, started the Kansas chapter for the Young Stateswomen Society, and taught early morning Seminary to freshmen and sophomores for two years. A few years ago she knew she had found the perfect match for what she desired in both education and teaching when she discovered American Heritage. Keisha and her husband, Kent, packed up their house and children and left everything in Kansas to come and be a part of what this school has to offer. Several miracles took place in order for this to happen, and since moving here their hearts have been continually filled with gratitude. The opportunity to work with the 7th grade teachers on a regular basis this year has only brought more joy to the entire experience. She is looking forward to an amazing year!