Bingham, Cynthia
Mrs. Cynthia Bingham served last year as one of our PM kindergarten teachers, and prior to that served for two years as a dedicated kindergarten aid and apprentice with Linda Strong. A volunteer at American Heritage School since the school moved to its new current location in 2002, Cynthia first came in contact with AHS during an open house as she was looking for a kindergarten school for her oldest son, Dennis. She was so touched by the spirit, that she came home that night and enrolled her husband in supporting the vision that AHS has to offer their children. Cynthia and her husband Spence live in Lehi with their three children Dennis, Roman and Arista. Since 2002, Cynthia has been an avid student, supporter, and now a teacher of the principles, curriculum, and methodologies used at the school. In addition to her involvement at AHS, she has also started three companies with her husband, managing the financing, bookkeeping and serving as the managing partner of all three businesses. Cynthia has grown to have a deep appreciation and love for the teachers and scholars of AHS, and is very much inspired to join the ranks of teachers and to continue her work in Kindergarten.