Jensen, Jeff
Even though Mr. Jensen was only 9 the day his 4th grade teacher taught a lesson about the RMS Titanic, he remembers it well. That day, his teacher sparked a passion for historical research within Jeff. Researching the Titanic at the young age of 9 gave him opportunities to meet with Titanic survivors, authors, and historians who shared his interest. Soon, Jeff was giving public lectures on the Titanic which he continues to do to this day. Mr. Jensen’s passion for his historical research has its roots in the Titanic, but has been influenced by his spirituality and life experiences over the years to include a deep love for cultures and civilizations throughout the world. Through serving in other countries such as Korea, Thailand, and Hong Kong, Mr. Jensen has been exposed to modern day cultures shaped by civilizations long past in the history of the world. Having been married for 8 years and as the father of 3 boys, Mr. Jensen has a deep appreciation for the vital role that the home plays in the education of our children and the strengthening of our society. Mr. Jensen has long believed that teaching history in context of religious principles and applications is important to “transforming the hearts and minds of a nation” (a slogan of the Foundation for American Christian Education). This marriage of the spiritual and secular is evidenced in Mr. Jensen’s published works that focus on historical events as viewed through a religious lens of understanding. It is for this reason that he was led to and now proudly teaches at American Heritage School.