Knecht, Peter
Peter Knecht comes to American Heritage School with extensive background in sales, marketing, and business development and operations. While attending BYU business school, he started his first of online subscription service for college students, which he sold. Then he moved on to building various sales companies for a number of telecommunications companies around the country. The last of which, he grew to become the largest nationally of its kind. After visiting with a friend and Board Member of the school, Peter began volunteering his services in support of the school’s new distance education program. Four months later, he officially joined the school as the Business Director of Distance Education, and helped to re-brand the program as Latter-day Learning and develop The Family School curriculum. He continues to put his experience to work for this essential outreach. Peter and his wife Amber stay busy in their house of four boys, and "book-end" daughter. Of all the things they enjoy, just being together as a family has always been their highest priority. Whether at a soccer match or church activity, working in the garden or relaxing together at the park—family time is sacred time for the Knechts!