Patch, Chrisann
Chrisann Patch joined American Heritage School in 2002. Prior to joining American Heritage School's faculty, Mrs. Patch taught adult fitness and aerobics classes at various health clubs in Washington, D.C., Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Utah. She is a certified instructor of Yoga and water aerobics. Mrs. Patch graduated from BYU with a bachelors degree in Family Science. While at BYU she danced with the BYU International Folk Dancers touring team, performing in the U.S., Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungry, Poland, and Russia. Mrs. Patch loves the gospel of Jesus Christ. She enjoys serving in the Church, learning and teaching what she is learning, cooking (with an interest in healthful eating), homemaking, and dancing! A resident of Orem, Utah, Mrs. Patch is the mother of two sons and three daughters, and is a grandmother of four grandchildren. She brings excitement and energy to her teaching while loving and enjoying her students. She feels it a privilege to teach P.E. at American Heritage School.