Mission Statement

American Heritage School exists for the purpose of serving parents in assisting in developing the minds, the hearts, and the bodies of students in order that they may:

  • be useful in the hands of the Lord in building the kingdom of God on earth;
  • increase faith in and knowledge of the Plan of Salvation;
  • develop a love, understanding and appreciation for America and the founding fathers;
  • develop the basic academic knowledge and skills necessary to be able to make self-education a life- long pursuit;
  • learn to reason and discern between right and wrong, truth and error;
  • develop character and self-discipline of mind and body; and
  • conduct themselves in all aspects of life as Christians.

All activities, teaching, governance, and administration are to be accomplished in light of the above objectives and in so far as possible in harmony with revealed principles of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and laws of the land.

All teachers, staff, administrators, and trustees shall strive to be living examples of the values, principles, and skills taught at the school.