American Heritage Home and Distance Education recommends the following steps for success:

Browse for Courses

Browse the course catalog and select courses of greatest interest to you.

Purchase Courses and Print Materials

Purchase online courses and AHS print materials. Purchasing print materials will save families significant time, convenience, and money otherwise spent printing the materials yourself. Acquire other books or materials recommended in the course catalog. A personal copy for each scholar allows the scholar to annotate the work and make it his or her own. AHS provides links to for purchasing recommended materials not produced by AHS. For all AHS produced materials, an email receipt and login credentials will be automatically generated upon registration. Allow 2 days for online course login credentials to be activated. Allow 3-10 business days for delivery of print materials. Call American Heritage School with questions (801-642-0055).

Request a Parent-Teacher Conference

When you receive your materials, review them carefully and prepare a list of questions for the instructor. Email the questions to the instructor or call the instructor to request a parent-teacher conference. All enrollees (including those purchasing homeschool curriculum) are entitled to one parent-teacher conference to answer questions or clarify understanding about course requirements.

Arrange Consultations

In addition to a parent-teacher conference, scholars in “Live” or “Consulted” courses are entitled to one 20-minute consultation per week. These take place at a routine time and are typically arranged during the initial parent-teacher conference. Students may reschedule up to three conferences. Failure by a student to attend a conference or to request in advance that the conference be rescheduled results in forfeiture of the conference. Attend consultations faithfully and punctually. Be prepared with questions and your best written work. Scholars who are prepared in this way tend to benefit more from the consultations than scholars who are less prepared. Scholars may email instructors with questions at any time. Families are encouraged to check the learning management system for updated grades and announcements.

Establish Routines

AHS online resources and print materials are guides that can be modified flexibly to fit a family’s needs and schedule. AHS recommends setting study routines with consistent times for researching, discussing, relating, and writing in each subject matter in which a student is enrolled. See a sample on campus schedule for a reference. Print a blank schedule.