American Heritage School is pleased to offer The Family School curriculum for homeschooling families with children ages 3-18 (grades pre-K to 12). This curriculum is produced and made available through American Heritage School's worldwide outreach arm, known widely as Latter-day Learning. In addition to homeschool curriculum Latter-day Learning offers conferences and training for adults. We invite you to peruse the Latter-day Learning website.

Restored Gospel Integration

Scholars in online courses learn academic concepts and gospel principles that help your children become useful in the hands of the Lord, develop Christian character, and accomplish the aims of an American Heritage education (see AHS Mission Statement).

College-Preparatory Academics

College-preparatory academic study in every online course is facilitated by the 4-R method (research, reason, relate, and record). History courses are rich with primary sources. Literature courses study classical literature. All online courses include college-preparatory writing assignments. Optionally, students create e-portfolios featuring their best high school coursework to present in next-level education institution admission applications.

Instructor Guidance

Scholars receive more than a packet or software; they also receive personal feedback and mentoring from teachers on select assignments and portfolio creation.

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