Student Documents

Student Life
Student Life next
Enjoy a view of American Heritage School Student Life.
Founding of AHS
Our History next
When the BYU Training School closed in 1968, Dr. H. Verlan Andersen met with a group of other BYU professors and parents with the intent of establishing a private school.
Sacrifice Video
Sacrifice... to Make Sacred next
Sacrifice brings blessings. Spend a moment with us as we share how we feel about sacrifice at American Heritage School.
Educating Hearts and Minds
Educating Hearts & Minds next
Children learn best when their parents are actively engaged in the learning process. We encourage all parents to get involved in what's happening at American Heritage.
AHS Distance Education
AHS Distance Education next
American Heritage School launched an LDS-based curriculum Distance Education program in 2011.
Parent Orientation
Parent and Student Orientation Video next
Understand the Principles and Practices at American Heritage School.
Uniform Video
Uniform Video next
Understand American Heritage School's Uniform Philosophy.
Parent Orientation
Teddy Bear Project 2012 next
Students share their experiences during American Heritage School's Christmas "Teddy Bear Project".
Classical Music Video next
Classical music video, featuring Steven Sharp Nelson and the American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic hit the number one position on the iTunes charts in the United States and Canada, and the top 10 in eight other countries around the world.